When to drink Port

Port can be drunk all year round. Of course, as usual, Port is a pleasant drink in the winter months. But certainly in spring and summer Port is a special drink to enjoy. Chill Port like wine: 6 – 12 °C for white and rosé, 10 – 14 °C for other Port varieties.
The fullness, heaviness in the mouth, which also happens through the alcohol, is then much less and the coolness emphasizes the fresh acids, which even in the old Port can be found.

You can drinkPort as an aperitif, digestive or simply as it is. As an aperitif, Port can be drunk with a fish or seafood appetizer, or based on legumes with nuts.
As a digestive, Port is delicious with a small cheese board or with a sweet dessert (crème brulée). The sweetness of Port reduces the sweetness of dessert and vice versa.

When Port is drunk alone, there is a variety of appetizers that can accompany the Port.