Port Vineyards


Quinta is the Portuguese name for vineyard. Port Exclusive only has Port in the assortment of Quinta’s of the highest A-classification.

The Portuguese law regulating the Port trade requires new producers to have a minimum stock of 150,000 litres before they are allowed to buy grapes for making Port or produce stock for the market. Producers, who own their own vineyards, may only produce and sell Port from their own vineyards when this minimum stock is reached.

The Quinta’s have a classification A – I. The classification is a result of a points system. Points are awarded for location, altitude, productivity, type of soil, vine clipping, types of grapes, angle of slope, position in relation to the sun, age of vines, density of vines and protection from weather. Each class has about 200 points. The highest rating has over 1200 points. Port Exclusive has only A-classified Quinta’s in its assortment.