Quinta de Roriz


Quinta de Roriz is one of the oldest and most spectacularly beautiful estates in the Douro and has been owned by the Van Zeller family since 1815. Roriz was the first Single Quinta Port to be shipped and was the first to gain fame and reputation for the high quality of its wines. Today, Roriz is jointly owned and managed by João van Zeller (the sixth generation of Van Zellers to own the Quinta), and the Symington family.

Quinta de Roriz is located in the Haute Corgo on the southern bank of the Douro River between Pinhão and São João da Pesqueira. The vineyards are north facing. In the centre of the Quinta there is a small ‘plateau’ where the winery, house and chapel are located. The vineyard covers 44 hectares. The position of the Quinta along the river and its altitude are recognised as ideal for the production of the best wines of the Douro. The consistent climate in this part of the valley contributes to the very high quality Port wines produced in most years. The classic slate soil of the Upper Douro predominates, but the soil composition and structure are specific to this vineyard. The Quinta also has tin and traces of gold in the rocks on the higher part of the estate. The unique mineral structure at Quinta de Roriz gives a strong individual personality to the wines.

The Quinta only has Vintage Port and premium Douro DOC red wines. The entire vineyard is rated “A” category, the highest possible classification. Almost the entire Quinta is now planted per grape variety, so each variety can be picked and vinified separately. The grapes are picked by hand and left to stand for a long time in traditional stone tanks (“lagares”). The great aromatic complexity of the Port wine is due to the wide range of grape varieties with which the Quinta is planted. The Port wines contain a great concentration and tannin structure, they are balanced wines, with mineral tones.