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DALVA Colheita Port 1999

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Port of a single vintage. The vintage is always indicated on the label. Yet they should not be confused with the Vintage port. Colheita Port is aged for a minimum of seven years in oak barrels. As the Colheita ages it takes on a distinct and pleasant bouquet of dried fruit, oak and spice.

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The Colheita Port wines are superior quality wines from a single vintage. The vintage and year of bottling are always mentioned on the label. As they age in the barrel, the young, fruity and fresh aromas undergo changes through oxidation and give way to a bouquet of dried fruit, wood and spices. As they age, they also improve in suppleness and balance, and their bouquet becomes increasingly complex. The color changes towards gold. The oldest wines even get a green nuance.

Taste: Tawny in colour, with delicious aromas of brown sugar and roasted nuts. Excellent length on finish with nuts and raisins.

Storage: Store upright in a cool dark place. The Colheita does not develop significantly further in the bottle and can be stored for over ten years without losing its freshness.

Presentation: In warm weather, serve slightly chilled, between 12 and 13°C, in an appropriate glass. Goes well with all kinds of desserts, especially prepared with eggs and nuts almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts …) and cheese board.

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