Founded more than three centuries ago in 1692, Taylor’s is one of the oldest founding Port houses. Renowned for their elegance and balance, as well as their understated strength and longevity, Taylor’s Vintage Ports are blended with the finest wines from the company’s own quintas Vargellas, Terra Feita and Junco. These three iconic quintas, each with a different geographical location and with their own unique character, are the cornerstone of the company’s success and the main source of its unique and inimitable corporate identity.

Above all, Taylor’s is an independent company in which some family members play a leading role in all areas of the company’s activity. The long and uninterrupted family tradition of the company has led to continuity and clarity of purpose, these are essential characteristics of any great winery. It has also provided the necessary skills and knowledge to produce the finest port that is continually refined and added to in the light of experience as it is passed from one generation to the next.

Based in Porto and the Douro Valley, the company is closely involved in all stages of the production of its port, from planting the vineyard and growing the grapes to making, aging, blending and bottling the wines. The family’s dedication to the future of Port is demonstrated in its steadfast commitment to the highest standards in Port production, its ongoing investment in all aspects of its business and its determination to preserve the unique environment of the Douro Valley by promoting sustainable and responsible viticulture.

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