Gift packages and presents


Gift and gratuity packages

If you are looking for a nice gift, then Port Exclusive is the place to be.

An ideal way to get to know good Port: a number of trial packages have been added to the range to make it even easier for you. Now you can get acquainted with this exclusive drink. Ideal to try yourself or as gift or promotional gift to give. You and your friends and relations are guaranteed to be surprised.

Gift and promotional items

We have several types of Port that are very suitable as a gift in a gift box. All Colheitas and Vintages from DALVA and Presidential, making it even more exclusive as a gift to give and to receive.

Of the other Quinta’s, there are also beautiful gift packages available at Port Exclusive, such as Quinta do Infantado, of which 2 bottles are delivered in a tube.

Small 0.375 litre Port

Some Port wines are also available in bottles of 0.375 litres. Half of a normal bottle. This way you can get acquainted with the different Port wines of Port Exclusive. Choose from six varieties in the range.

Trial packages

Organize your own tasting at your home, get to know our exclusive Port wines and compose your own tasting package. For information and orders you can go here.