Late Bottled Vintage Port


The Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Port is from a good year, but not as exceptional as the Vintage Port. The Port wine matures between 4 and 6 years in oak barrels and is then bottled. The label shall indicate the vintage and the year of bottling.

Some Quinta’s filter the Port wine before bottling, then the LBV Port is ready to be drunk. Other Quinta’s do not filter and there is lees in the bottle, just like with Vintage Port. Then LBV Port continues to mature in bottle and can become more complex over the years, though it will never reach the complexity of a Vintage. As with the Vintage Port, it is necessary in this case to decant the LBV Port.

The LBV Port is similar to a Vintage Port juicy, firm and deliciously sweet with a fruity aroma, however, less complex. A LBV Port is delicious with spicy and blue cheeses and with chocolate desserts.