How I became an expert in Port

Life is beautiful, enjoy it...

I like the good life. I love nice weather, great company, good food and a good glass of wine. The world of wine is so multifaceted and diverse, I wanted to know more about it.

The first step

During the financial crisis, I lost my job and was forced to find new ways to generate income. How nice would it be to be able to fill that in with my passion (wine). I’m going to sell wine on the web.

And what do you do?

After market research and competition research I was shocked by the competition that was already there. I then had to look at other possibilities: a niche market. In those years Portuguese wine was not yet well known in the Netherlands.

During a holiday in Portugal I got into conversation with the manager of the Royal Stables. It was a very pleasant meeting and he gave me some addresses of good Portuguese vineyards.

Selling of Port

Despite repeated attempts I got no response back. I wanted to continue, but of course I needed suppliers. My friend had a great idea: You can also sell Port wine? And so I started with Port Exclusive.

Port is a great product

First of all I read up on the product, its history, production methods, terroir, environment, suppliers, etc. With each new piece of information, I became more enthusiastic.

The best way to also get acquainted with the aromas and flavors is to do a Port tasting, of course done in good company. From that moment on, my passion expanded to Port wines. What a great product! So versatile, so many possibilities to taste Port, combine with food.

Enjoy life: Port is one

I would like to share my knowledge in Port, so that you and as many people as possible with you can enjoy the beautiful things in life.

I do that through this website, through the blogs, through the on-line course, which will be published soon and with personal Port tastings at your place.

Do you want to stay informed? Please send us your details. See you soon!