Different kinds of Port

The different types of Port can be divided into 2 types: bottle types and barrel types. Ruby Port matures in bottle, is mostly fruit dominated and often dark, deep red in color. Tawny Port matures in the barrel, is wood dominated and therefore has a more brownish color. White Port and recently also Rosé Port are exceptions here.

After the harvest the wine is stored in large wooden barrels. After 2 years the Port is bottled. That’ll be the Ruby. If it is an exceptionally good year, then the Port will be a
Vintage and is bottled unfiltered.

For the Tawny, after these 2 years the Port is put into smaller barrels to get more contact with oxygen and continues to mature in barrel for up to 7 years and is then bottled.

If the Tawny Port matures longer in barrel, then it is called a Colheita (which means harvest). For the Aged Tawny, a Tawny is blended from different years with an average of 10, 20, 30 or 40 years.

Late Bottled Vintage Port is a Ruby type that is bottled after 4 to 6 years of aging in large casks.

White Port is made from white grapes only. White Port is also barrel aged to get more complexity.

Rosé Port is made from blue grapes. The very short contact with the skin gives it its pink colour. Rosé Port is kept in steel vats.