About us

The shop is set up from a passion for Port. The majority of Port drinkers in the Netherlands go for a Ruby or a Tawny. In the countries around us, the interest in the other Port species is greater. In Great Britain, for example, people drink more Vintage and Colheita. The German Port drinker also seems to prefer a more exclusive Port wine. Port Exclusive strives to increase the awareness of all Port varieties, including the aged Tawny’s, the Colheita’s and the Vintages among a wider audience in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the lack of good and findable information about Port has been a reason to start with an exclusive Port shop online. For the more exclusive and lesser known brands, information was fragmented and difficult to find online, if at all. Port Exclusive brings the lesser known Port wines under the attention of the Port lovers. The information per brand and per bottle is presented on one site.

Do you want to buy a delicious and a lesser known Port of very high quality, then you have come to the right place.

Klaas-Jan Tressel

One of my passions is wine. A few years ago I came into contact with Port. From that moment on my passion went to this as well. What a great product!
So versatile, so many possibilities to taste Port, combine with food. I would like to share my knowledge in Port. This can be done via the website, via the on-line course and with a Port wine tasting. I’ll see you again.